January 21, 2011


The series has been dominated by UGA; CPJ at least has given the jackets a chance to win (one possession & drive away in the two losses) since his time at The Institute; he clearly out coached CMR last night- including the decision to let UGA score with under 2 minutes to play (CMR stated that this was an excellent call by GT's staff; and that he had been out-coached by this... ya think?!). The coaching staff grinded out a game plan that generated 512 yards of total offense led by a 3-star/sophomore QB, with all of two and a half games of experience under his belt. Those 512 yards were more than any other school (including Auburn, Florida, Arkansas and South Carolina) was able to put up against the Dawgs this season. That completely negates the statement many fans are making about needing a 'passing game,' and most importantly the triple option offense itself. UGA simply had more talent on the field (and have for a long time) than GT and the same pattern likely will continue until the recruiting classes even out- if they ever do.

I have learned to stop looking at blogs and FaceBook; 95% of the people that post on them have very little true insight and knowledge about what they are talking about. I have found that I don't actually 'hate' UGA as a football team; and that the hate for UGA has become directly related to the people talking trash to me about them.

I plan on staying true to one team, and supporting them, the good times are much better that way.