January 21, 2011

2010 GT MCBB Program

Georgia Tech lost to K-State this evening, easily the most embarrassing loss I have seen since I have been following Tech. If Paul Hewitt was a president- He would have already been assassinated. CPH has a final four, several top recruiting classes and an outrageous contract (Thank you David Braine); These are the only reasons he is still employed on North Avenue. The truth is Hewitt is not a very good basketball coach and got lucky in 2004 when he led the jackets to the National Title game. Georgia Tech is a BASKETBALL SCHOOL that has had some great players come through; There is no excuse for results like this.

CPH teams since 2004:

2005: 20-12     (8-8 ACC)          2ND RND NCAA
2006: 11-17     (4-12 ACC)        NO TOURNAMENT BID (LOST TO UGA, ILL-CHICAGO)
2007: 20-12     (8-8 ACC)          1ST RND NCAA
2008: 15-17     (7-9 ACC)          NO TOURNAMENT BID (LOST TO UGA, UNC-GREENSBORO)
2009: 12-19     (2-14 ACC)        NO TOURNAMENT BID
2010: 23-13     (7-9 ACC)          2ND RND NCAA (LOST TO UGA)

3-3 vs. UGA is NOT Acceptable, the talent is not even comparable in these teams. CPH has NEVER had a winning record in the ACC; GT is a NBA factory so this in not acceptable either. I expect him to be fired very soon.