January 21, 2011

The Addition of Dan Uggla

Trade looks like a steal, but some are still skeptical; It frees up Prado to play his DR Winter League Position- LF and provides some insurance for when CJ takes a break at 3rd (or more likely: a season ending injury). This immediately increases our outfield defense and provides much needed pop in the middle of the lineup; I like how the Braves sold on Infante at his highest value. Here are the numbers for the past 4 seasons:

2007-[159 GM] [.245 AVG] [49 2B] [31HR] [88 RBI]
2008-[146 GM] [.260 AVG] [37 2B] [32HR] [92 RBI]
2009-[158 GM] [.243 AVG] [27 2B] [31HR] [90 RBI]
2010-[159 GM] [.287 AVG] [31 2B] [33HR] [105 RBI]


2007-[66 GM] [.271 AVG] [6 2B] [2HR] [17 RBI]
2008-[96 GM] [.293 AVG] [24 2B] [3HR] [40 RBI]
2009-[70 GM] [.305 AVG] [9 2B] [2HR] [27 RBI]
2010-[134 GM] [.321 AVG] [15 2B] [8HR] [47 RBI]

Mike Dunn, who has good stuff- likely will max out as a mid inning bullpen guy, who the braves are stocked with.

This gives the braves a lineup (projected now) that looks like-
Prado [LF], Heyward [RF], Jones [3B], Uggla [2B], McCann [C], Gonzales [SS], Freeman [1B], McClouth [CF]

That lineup looks much better than last season, and arguably gives the braves the most powerful infield in baseball.