March 14, 2012

Atlanta Insight Bracketology

It's that time again, the NCAA tournament, where everyone from everywhere will take the time to fill out a bracket, whether they follow College Basketball or not. It's been said that Americans fill out 40 million March Madness brackets every year. Chances are the lady in your office pool that fills out her bracket randomly, by selecting the coolest mascot round by round will most likely win. Making those NCAA Tourney picks is an inexact science, because its pretty difficult to predict the unpredictable- The talent these days in spread out everywhere, amongst almost every college in the country.

My picks in the past have been pretty bad, up until last year. Where my bracket finally had some legitimacy, as I finished in the 93% percentile. The biggest reason? I correctly picked Richmond to the Sweet 16, VCU to the Elite 8 and Butler to the Final 4. Based on the recent trend my picks this year should be a total flop, but I'll give them to you anyway.

Biggest Upset: #12 Harvard over #5 Vanderbilt
Suprise: #12 Harvard to the Sweet 16

Biggest Upset: #14 Belmont over #3 Georgetown
Suprise: #6 San Siego St. to Sweet 16

Biggest Upset: #12 Long Beach St. over #1 Michigan St. (Sweet 16)
Suprise: #6 Murray St. to Win Region (Go to Final 4)

Biggest Upset: #14 South Dakota St. over #3 Baylor
Suprise: #4 Indiana over #2 Duke/#1 Kentucky to Win Region (Go to Final 4)

Final 4
#4 Indiana over #6 Murray St.
#1 North Carolina over #1 Syracuse

National Championship: #1 North Carolina (66) over #4 Indiana (56)