November 25, 2011

What's The Good Word?

[#13] Georgia (9-2) @ [#23] Georgia Tech (8-3)
Saturday Nov. 26, 2011, 12:01pm

It's Hate Week and UGA seems to believe another easy victory is inevitable Saturday, despite the fact that this Tech team is arguably the best opponent the Dawgs have faced since week 2. Georgia is coming in with a lot of confidence, rolling off 9 straight; their best wins coming against two unranked teams- Florida (6-5) and Auburn (7-4). Georgia has only been ranked 2 of the past 4 years, but a lot of folks will tell you that Georgia Tech is no longer a rival of the Dawgs; the series under Paul Johnson has been very close, despite UGA winning the last 2 against the Jackets. Here are the stats from the past 3 games:

2008: [#22] Georgia Tech 45 vs. [#11] Georgia 42 
Down 16 at the half, Tech comes back to defeat the Dawgs in Athens, rushing for 409 yards in Johnson's first year as HC.

2009: [NR] Georgia 30 vs. [#7] Georgia Tech 24
Nesbitt gets cheap shot by a UGA defender and leaves game; Shaw enters for Tech, throws 1 pass (interception) that UGA drives for a score; Demaryius Thomas drops a 4th down pass at the UGA 36 during the go ahead drive with 3:00 left to seal the UGA victory. Tech racks up 340 yards total yard against Georgia, 135 in the air and 205 on the ground, and goes on to win the ACC Championship.

2010: [NR] Georgia Tech 34, [NR] Georgia 42
Jackets rack up 512 yards (411 rushing) on offense behind Tevin Washington, the Jackets QB making only his third career start. Tech gets tying score with 4:57 left, but Scott Blair yanks extra point wide to give UGA 1 point lead; UGA runs out the clock to take the win.

Random Related Numbers:
  • CPJ career at Tech: 34-17, 20-5 home, 6-1 @ home vs. top 25, 15-1 vs. Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina, Wake Forest and Duke.
  • Since 2008, according to, UGA has landed [50] 4-star and [6] 5-star prospects, Georgia Tech has landed [8] 4-star and [0] 5-star prospects.
Cliche Quirks / Message Board Rants:

Tech fans are nerds...
Maybe so; but the biggest nerds don't care about football, and surely won't be reading the Tech message boards, idiot.

Tech fans can't even fill their own stadium...
Tech's attendance: 20,000 - Georgia’s: 35,000; Tech grads seek many more careers out of state and don't have nearly as many sidewalk trash fans. The only requirment to become a Doggie fan is to head over to Wal-Mart and pick yuns up some nice garb. Speaking of Wal-Mart....

"Hello? Hello? He just got off from Walmart...Anybody who calls into a radio show and barks is either retarded or doesn’t have a life." - Coach Paul Johnson, CPJ Radio Show

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Best UGA Jokes:

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt will only be dressing twenty players for the Georgia Tech game. The rest of the players will have to get dressed by themselves.

A guy called UGA police to report a car jacking, said they were too busy right now and to just get the jersey number & call back later.

What do you call a UGA player in a three piece suit?
A: The Defendant

If Cornelius Washington, Isaiah Crowell and Tavarres King are all in the same car, who's driving?
A: State Trooper