April 7, 2011

Baseball & Dollars

Random MLB facts that may surprise you...

Kelly Johnson is the highest paid Diamondback.

Kyle Davies is the highest paid Royals Starting Pitcher.

Jeff Francoeur is the second highest paid Royals Position Player.

If you divided annual salary by games, Alex Rodriguez makes more money in 3 games than Jason Heyward will make in the ENTIRE season.

Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt's yearly salary is more than the entire Royals roster.

The Cleveland Indians Payroll is 39 million. Travis Hafner & Fausto Carmona make 19 million; the other 23 players combine to make 20 million.

The LA Angels outfielders makes 54 million, more than the entire payroll of 6 major league teams.

Josh Willingham is the highest paid Oakland A's player.

The Phillies rotation makes 67 million; 10 major league teams have a payroll of less than that.

Matt Diaz is the 3rd highest paid Pirates hitter, but is not a starter.

The San Diego Padres have 2 players under gauranteed contracts after the 2011 season.