April 4, 2011

Ranking Braves - Total Value

Here is my ranking of players on the Braves roster for overall value, or in other words- players least likely to be involved in a trade or transaction to another team. Player value is completely different than skill level; for example- Ryan Zimmerman would be more valuable to a team than Alex Rodriguez, because his production at 6.3 million/year is much more valuable than A-Rod's production at 33 million/year. This is just my opinion, you may disagree on a few of these...

SURE! He's Available

#26 George Sherrill - If you want him, you got him.
#25 Scott Linebrink - Why not?
#24 Nate McLouth - Braves are hoping he will rebound, but owed 10+ million in 2012.
#23 Matt Young - Career minor leaguer.
#22 Brooks Conrad - Not much value to any team, decent bat off the bench.
#21 Brandon Hicks - Still young, but projects as a bench/utility player.
#20 Cristhian Martinez  - Average bullpen arm.

Willing to Listen 

#19 Eric Hinske - Solid affordable bench bat, good clubhouse presence, but could be expendable.
#18 Eric O'Flaherty - Another solid bullpen arm, but his type is a dime a dozen in the Braves system.
#17 Peter Moylan - Great stopper out of the bullpen, but increasing value will raise salary next year.
#16 David Ross - Cheap and consistent bench catcher, much better than Corky Miller.
#15 Alex Gonzalez - Great shortstop production wise for only 2.75 mil.
#14 Derek Lowe - Veteran that has done everything the Braves could have asked for. A very durable consistent, inning-eating pitcher that always gives the team a chance to win.
#13 Jair Jurrjens - Injury concerns over the past 2 years, along with the success of Minor and Beachy have made Jurrjens a possible trade piece if the right deal came along.

No Way, Unless You Blow Us Away 

#12 Chipper Jones - Still the face of the franchise, expensive and injury riddled star who's value is not what it used to be, but hey- It's still Chipper Jones!
#11 Brandon Beachy - Really nice young starting pitcher that hasn't done anything but pitch really well.
#10 Mike Minor - Lefty starting pitcher, top draft pick and prospect that the team is still very high on.
#9 Jonny Venters - Outstanding young and cheap bullpen arm and second best pitcher out of the pen. Would the Braves deal him if another team needed a closer and offered a nice package?
#8 Dan Uggla - Arguably the best 2nd baseman in baseball since Utley's always hurt; very hard nosed and hard working guy under a very reasonable contract for the next 5 years.
#7 Martin Prado - Breakout player that is always trying to improve his game, a 2010 all-star that is making only 3.1 million in 2011.
#6 Tim Hudson - Ace of the staff that gave the Braves a GREAT hometown discount.

The Untouchables 

#5 Craig Kimbrel - Wow, if the baseball world doesn't know his name by now- they will soon. 22.2 innings pitched, 45 K's and only 1 earned run allowed so far in his young career. A 22 year old dominant closer making 400k isn't going anywhere.
#4 Freddie Freeman - Could be the Braves powerful, all-star caliber first baseman for the next 10 years.
#3 Tommy Hanson - Ace of the future; Braves wouldn't trade him for Roy Halladay. Hanson wouldn't even be brought up in trade discussion by another club.
#2 Brian McCann - Good catcher's are hard to find; In his first 5 big league seasons- McCann is a 5x All-Star and 4x Silver Slugger Award winner.  
#1 Jason Heyward - No explanation necessary. The most hyped Brave since...well... anyone ever, is an explosive 5 tool player with out of the roof value. The rest of the league has taken notice; As a rookie- Heyward was voted to the All-Star game as a National League starter, finishing with the 6th highest vote total in the league.