October 24, 2012

Q & A: Roddy Jones

Several questions answered by former GT A-Back Roddy Jones

Roddy do you like the new jersey style or the style you wore better?

RJ: I am a fan of both. I like that were willing to change.

Is it scary watching the ball when your getting the pitch outside? I bet it's hard no to hesitate thinking you may get lit up?

RJ: I would be lying if i said if you see color out of the corner of youre eye youre not aware of it. But you have to trust it for it to work.

CPJ appears like he's not "a players coach" like Richt... is he more-so than it looks on the sidelines? as far as relationship off field?

RJ: Hes not a "players coach" per se. Hes philosophy is hes not there to be our friend, hes there to be our coach. Either way guys respect him

whats the pass called the split receiver just turns and they throw it directly to the sideline, ran it to Bebe alot... dont run it anymore?

RJ: Baybay was big and physical. Havent seen it as much because he was so good after the catch.

Since you were recruited by CCG (Coach Chan Gailey) did you like the offense at first? do you think it benefited you more, after you played it out?

RJ: I was cautiously optimistic about the offense. Its not what I ran in HS, I had been an I back my whole life so it was different. I dont think it suited my strengths best, but it sure is fun when you get the pitch and can take it to the house.

I mean obviously people will always talk about the 08 UGA game, I am 24, it was first GT-UGA I ever went to because I got a free ticket last minute, that sure was special, 214/2 TDs... I bet it was crazy

RJ: it was certainly something ill never forget!

Justin (Thomas) needs to hit the weight room and get bigger, i hear he's about 170? too small to stay in the lineup, I know CPJ doesn't like changing QBs, the tempo dies completely and an error can make/break a game.

RJ: Agreed. But he could be a great return guy at any weight. So we will see.

do you think Vad (Lee) was close to transferring? I know a lot of rumors were going around during the off-season.

RJ: There are always rumors, but no I dont think he was close. He was just a little home sick.

I love BJ Bostic, he doesn't seem to get many targets, but I guess there are on so many plays to go around in the offense.

RJ: The way to get more targets is to make plays like he is doing today. And believe me the coaches are excited about Justin. They will find a way to have him on the field next year.

Has has Justin Thomas officially been red-shirted?

RJ: Its never official until the end of the year, but that's the plan.

Oh I never understood how that worked, so as long as they don't play in a game they can get marked as a RS? Is there a limit? like what if someone was in 1 play?

RJ: Yes, No limit, and 1 play and the shirt is burned.

Are you still involved on the baseball field? What was the big factor is choosing football over it?

RJ: I did the color commentary on the radio for baseball games this past spring. And ultimately football was paying for my scholarship and it was my primary concern. Its a lot to play both in college.

Vad (Lee) just looks smoother to me, (is he a) more polished athlete(?)

RJ: He seems confident on the field. Have to like that from your QB

(Vad Lee Scores in-game)...and with that, the Vad Lee era has begun on the flats.

RJ: Lol. That was one heck of a throw by the young Mr. Lee