January 15, 2012

Championship Road Thru ATL

Ok, so it's not really what you're thinking. I guess you could spin things just about however you want, and this is nothing to really get excited about if your an Atlanta fan- but check out this odd, coincidental list I compiled of recent performances by contending Atlanta Braves & Falcons teams:

2011 Atlanta Falcons -  Lost NFC Wild Card Round vs. New York Giants ( ? )
Giants are looking good so far, knocking off the champs and most peoples pick to repeat.

2011 Atlanta Braves - Lost NL Wild Card to St. Louis Cardinals (Won World Series)
With two games to play, the Braves held a 1 game lead over St. Louis in the NL Wild-Card, even after losing 7 of their past 10 games. The Cardinals won and the Braves lost their last two games; St. Louis took over the last NL playoff spot and the rest is history.

2010 Atlanta Falcons - Lost NFC Divisional Playoff vs. Green Bay Packers (Won Super Bowl)
After finishing 13-3, the Falcons had a bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The team laid an egg there, losing their first and only game 48-21, a divisional round matchup against Green Bay.

2010 Atlanta Braves - Lost NL Divisional Playoff vs. San Francisco Giants (Won World Series)
With 2 outs in the top of the 9th, The Braves were 1 pitch away from taking a 2-1 series lead vs. the Giants when Freddy Sanchez went down 0-2 after swinging at the first two pitches from Craig Kimbrel. He eventually singled, and San Francisco rallied for 2 runs, going on to win the game and eventually the series.

2009 Atlanta Falcons - Lost Division to New Orleans Saints (Won Super Bowl)
Atlanta was off to a hot 4-1 start after winning the division and finishing 11-5 the previous year, so it was no surprise the Falcons were a heavy Favorite against the Saints in the their first matchup; a team that finishing dead last in the NFC South in 2008, still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The Saints won that Monday night and eventually both games against the Falcons; won the division and later Super Bowl XLIV.

2008/2009 Braves - Lost Division to Philadelphia Phillies (Won World Series/Won National League)
In 2008, Atlanta struggled mightily against the World Series Champions, losing the division. In 2009, the Bravos got within just 4 games of the Phillies after a 7 game winning steak in September, but it wasn't enough as Atlanta stumbled down the stretch. The Phillies didn't- they went on to win their 2nd straight NL pennant.

2008 Atlanta Falcons - Lost NFC Wild Card Round vs. Arizona Cardinals (Won Super Bowl)
The Falcons were entering the playoffs a confident bunch, having won 7 of their past 9 and drawing a favorable Wild-Card matchup against Arizona. The Cardinals had stumbled into the playoffs, losing 4 of their past 6 regular season games. Atlanta led at the half 17-14, but eventually lost the game to the suprise Super Bowl Champions.