December 28, 2011

Matt Ryan: Behind The Numbers

Matt Ryan is 41-21 as the Falcons starting QB
Matt Ryan has an outstanding record with the Atlanta Falcons; since being drafted and beginning his career as a starter in 2008. Ryan is also a very durable QB, having only one serious injury and missing a 3 game stretch (missed only 2 starts) during the 2009 season. But the truth is- NFL fans usually have a short term memory, and despite the wins-losses record, some of the Atlanta faithful (including myself) have begun to question Ryan's ability in the clutch or big game situation. Let me first say this- It is very difficult to win week in and week out vs. ANY team in the NFL, and Ryan still has plenty of time to prove himself at only age 26 (Aaron Rogers didn't make his first start until he was almost 25), but he will have to deal with the criticism until he proves himself in the national spotlight. The chart below shows Matty Ice's career record; the red blocks in the 'WK-Week' column are for teams that finished with a (+) .500% record (9-7 or better), and the green blocks for are for teams that finished with a (< / =) .500% record or worse. The green blocks in the 'Opponent' column are for games Ryan WON as a starter; the red blocks are for games he LOST as a starter.

Pretty interesting numbers at first glance; Ryan's record at home is 24-5 and on the road is 17-16. Inside the division he is 6-2 vs. Carolina, 4-2 vs. Tampa Bay and 2-5 vs. New Orleans; he is winless in his two playoff appearances. Lots of folks believe the Falcons don't get any love from the media; Matt Ryan still has a lot to prove in order to show that they deserve more attention.