July 18, 2011

Kenshin Katastrophe

Its no secret that Kawakami didn't quite pan out according to plan, but check out these numbers:

In his last two road starts for AA Mississippi-

2 GS - 6.0 IP - 17 Hits - 15 Runs - 15 EARNED Run
4 HRs - 4 BBs - 3 Ks - Opo. Avg .500 - ERA 22.50

Whew.. That was tough to write; with numbers like that I'm all for Atlanta calling him back up... to pitch braves BP; we could use the boost in confidence! The media focuses alot on the Teixeira deal; (granted we did get the bad end of that one) but Tex actually did produce in his time in Hotlanta. I think this move (3 yr/23 mil) is right up there on the worst contacts in Braves franchise history.