June 28, 2011

How Good Has Beachy Been?

I organized this chart to breakdown the starters performance at this point in the season. A couple of things stand out; Beachy has been extremely impressive in his rookie year and should be a front runner for NL ROY if he can stay healthy and continue to pitch well in the second half of the season. BB has racked up 66 K's; 4 less than Hudson who has pitched almost double his amount of innings. Jurrjens is tied for the NL lead in wins and is the outright NL leader in ERA. Hanson is 3rd in the NL in ERA. If your worst pitcher (so far-Lowe) is a veteran inning eater who stays healthy and has started 17 games... you are looking pretty good. I don't anticipate the Braves to catch the Phillies, but I do believe they will run away with the NL Wild Card in the second half of the 2011 season.