March 31, 2011

MLB Most Overrated

Here are 3 guys I believe are more hype than actual production. Don't get me wrong these are all good players, but not worthy of the attention they receive IMO.

#1 - Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers
Elvis is a great young shortstop, and the Rangers cleaned up in the trade involving Mark Teixeira several years back; Elvis Andrus was the center piece in the return deal to Texas. The 22 year old Venezuelan prospect made his first All-Star game in 2010 but check his stats on the year...

588 AB-88 Runs-156 Hits-15 2B-3 3B-0 HR-35 RBI-.265 BA-.342 OBP-32 SB

His big numbers come from stolen bases, which is important in the AL but gets a bit overhyped because of fantasy baseball. He was caught stealing a league leading 15 times, for a success rate of 68%, which is not awful but not spectacular either. His batting average ranked in the bottom half of all starting MLB shortstops and he is a one dimensional hitter with 0 homers this past season.

Ian Desmond of the nationals had a higher batting average, double the RBI's, 10 more home runs and 12 more doubles in 60 fewer at bats, which leaves you asking 'Who the heck is Ian Desmond?' - Exactly.

#2 - Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals
Jayson Werth signed a 126 million dollar contract this offseason, despite never having a 300 batting average or 100 RBI season in his career. Werth has had the benefit of being in a lineup with Utley, Howard, Victorino and Rollins for the past 4 seasons and has only one 30+ HR/+85 RBI season in his career. Without much protection in Washington, I question his ability to remain a 'star' player or ever a consistent table setter in that lineup in 2011.

#3 - Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins
I think Mauer is a great catcher, but personally I don't understand why both writers and fans salivate over him and overwhelmingly claim he is the best catcher in the majors. Throw out his 2009 season, which was fantastic and probably the best of his career when it is all said and done, and he is rather mediocre. His best numbers outside of 2009 would be 85 RBI's and 13 HR in 2006, and he hit 1 home run in Target Field, the home of the Twins (and probably his home for the rest of his career), in 2011. Great hit-for-average catcher and great guy, but to be crowned one the best players in baseball is ridiculous to me, you may disagree.