January 21, 2011

Johnson-Prado Argument

'KJ is not a good second baseman, why is his team last is baseball?'

Felix Hernandez team is in last place- he leads the league in innings pitched (best stat in my opinion), ERA, Strike Outs, 1.06 WHIP, etc. He only has 12 wins because him team sucks, and actually- KJ leads the National League in double play...s turned, has only committed 7 errors in 141 games- while Prado has committed 11 errors 135 games. I am not hating on Prado, I LOVE Prado, I was simply just saying KJ has rebounded when he has the benefit of the doubt, he never had this in ATL (like Francouer) and was always in Cox's dog house for some reason- I think that directly translated into him 'playing for his job' instead of relaxing out there and just playing baseball.

Infante needs 503 plate appearances to qualify for the title, if he gets 4 AB's for the last 9 games and hits .400 lets say... that would put him at .336 with 469 PA's. He would have to add the other 34 PA's (to qualify) with 0's. Bringing him down to .313, the braves just didn't him enough AB's to make it realistic, It was a story because it was possible, but still unlikely since no one else can get a hit!!